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Will I get seasick?

The Maui Magic is an Adventure Snorkeling Trip, so if you are prone to motion sickness (car-sickness) or have had episodes in the past, we actually would recommend our sister-ship The Four Winds II as the boat for you. She is 55ft. in length and 30ft. wide. She is one of the most stabile snorkel boats in her class. However, for those who want a little more insurance to prevent sea sickness (motion-sickness), there are a number of methods to overcome seasickness, including natural remedies and over the counter prescribed medicines. For prescribed medicine you will have to consult your GP. Natural remedies can be found at your local health store and pharmacy.

Ultimately, it is not just a boat trip that can be a worry for those that are prone to motion-sickness.  There are many other activities and tours that motion-sickness can be an issue. Helicopter Tours, driving the Road To Hana and even driving up to Haleakala Crater (to see the sunset or sunrise) can all be an issue. We would recommend you invest in a type of motion-sickness preventative to make your Maui vacation enjoyable.

Natural Remedies:

There are several natural potential remedies to prevent motion-sickness. Some of them only seem to work for certain individuals and situations. Hopefully you can find the right combination of things for your situation. Here are a few that our passengers, friends and crew have recommended:

  • The most-popular and effective devices are Sea-Band Relief Bands. These are available at Amazon and other retailers. They seem to be the most-popular and effective on most people.
  • PSI Bands are another great item available at Amazon and other retailers too.
  • Ginger for some reason seems to be one of the better natural cures. Try a combination of things like ginger tea, ginger ale, ginger cookies, and ginger pills before and during your trip. Ginger root powder capsules are also available in health food stores and many people swear by the powder.
  • Anti-nasuea Ginger Gum (from Sea-Band) is available on Amazon and other retail stores. That is also a highly successful product to use and have handy.
  • People that tend to get motion sick or people that are not sure should always avoid caffeine or alcohol before and during offshore trips.
  • Eating saltine crackers and drinking Coca Cola seems to help some people and can even act as a placebo when nothing else is available.
  • MotionEaze, is a non-drowsey and non-pill form of natural motion-sickness preventative. It is applied behind the ear and many people (especially kids) find it effective. It too is available at Amazon and other retailers.
  • Quease Ease is another non-pill natural option. it  is an inhaler that provides an aromatherapy option against the effects of motion-sickness. It is mostly effective for adults or elderly who have mild issues with motion-sickness or those who do not want to take pills. It too is available from many retailers and also Amazon.

Onboard Techniques & Tips:

  • One of the best remedies for dealing with motion-sickness is to get into the water! Believe it or not, this works 98% of the time. Your equilibrium will stabilize in the water and also the feel of the water surrounding your body is very calming.
  • We have a Ginger puree onboard all our boats, that can be mixed with Sprite or Club Soda and works quite well. So if you are feeling slightly-off, simply ask a crew-member to make you our special natural Ginger Ale.
  • Try to remain in a place where fresh air is blowing on your face.
  • Try to keep your mind occupied.
  • Try to keep your eyes directed at the fixed horizon, or land/islands, as much as possible.
  • Stay on the lower-deck and stay out of the bathrooms or cabin. Enclosed spaces only aggravate the symptoms of motion-sickness.

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