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What is the difference between SNUBA and snorkeling?

When you snorkel you are floating face down on the surface of the water, with a clear mask over your eyes so that you can see all the wonders underwater and have fins on your feet to make getting around in the water much easier. While snorkeling, you are breathing fresh air through your mouth (not your nose) by way of a curved snorkel tube that takes in the air from up above the surface of the water.

When you are SNUBA diving, you are swimming under the surface of the water, again outfitted with a clear mask and fins, but you breathing compressed air through a regulator mouthpiece that is attached by a SNUBA harness which connects your air hose to a scuba tank that is floating on a raft on top of the water. Because the heavy tank is floating on the surface of the water, you’ll be much more comfortable than having that heavy tank on your back as you do when you scuba dive. You will also be wearing a weight belt to neutralize your buoyancy, because you don’t want to be popping up to the surface.

You want to stay underwater to get closer to all the marine life. At first, it’s sometimes a little tricky feeling comfortable breathing underwater since it seems so unnatural, but once you catch sight of some of the colorful tropical fish or a turtle, most people overcome any anxiety they may have had.

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