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Comments from Our Extended Ohana

Smiling Bob, Dan and Jason were all hilarious and provided great service! The breakfast is good and after snorkeling or snuba the hamburger is the best thing you've probably ever tasted!

From Yelp

The crew of this boat are fantastic - Warm, engaging, and knowledgable! They made us lunch, served us drinks, and kept us comfortable. The breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks are in good supply and good shape. We got to snorkel over a coral reef and looked at sea turtles! It was a excellent morning!

Brooklyn, NY

On our recent trip to Hawaii planned in detail various activities on the islands. In Maui one of the must go tour is a snorkelling tour to Molokini. The concierge of our hotel recommended a tour with Maui Magic and have not regretted the choice. The boat has the ideal size, taking up to 50 people and has snuba option for additional price. We saw many dolphins, swam with turtles and saw the incredible variety of fish at Molokini. After the last dive a delicious barbecue with cold beer until the Maalaea Harbor. A great day.

Guntersville, AL

A group of us stumbled upon this boat and what a blast we had. My 4 year old was mystified by the crew, the whales we saw, the sea turtles we swam with and how the captain allowed him to steer us back to the marina. The crew worked constantly to ensure we were all safe, having fun, eating great food and seeing wildlife only seen in the tropical waters of Hawaii.

Brandon C
Richland, WA

Captain Charlene, Bob, Brennan and Jay made our first time snorkeling, SNUBA, humpback whale watching experience truly memorable.

From Trip Advisor

I picked the Maui Magic because it's smaller and faster than most out there. I didn't want to be one of 100 snorkelers and this did the trick!

George Adamidis
Toronto, Canada

The best crew for snorkeling and whale watching! It is a smaller boat, the crew really cared about everyone. Immediately learned your name and used it. Felt very safe with them. Snorkeled with the turtles also...it was amazing!

Gina M
Des Moines, IA

My husband, mom, nephew and I did this activity yesterday and I have to say it was amazing! Molokini has the clearest waters and the second stop on Wailea is surrounded by sea turtles!

Grace Fredericks
Trip Advisor

Once in a lifetime! Took my family on this half day cruise and two of us opted for the Snuba. I literally got face to face with a giant sea turtle!

From Trip Advisor

Wow! This was one of the best snorkeling outings I've had. The crew was so friendly and helpful. We saw octopuses, reef sharks, turtles, and dolphins. What a great experience I'll never forget!

Calgary, Canada

Best part of our trips to Maui. The crew is first rate - friendly, knowledgeable, and entertaining. The boat is large, clean and very stable in the open seas.

Jerry L.
Los Angeles, CA

My whole family, from my 80 year old father to my two teen nieces, had a great time on this trip. We saw spinner dolphins, turtles and whales as well as lots and lots of fish. We were lucky enough to happen upon two separate "family" pods… very cool! It was a totally unforgettable experience! Captain Jason and his crew of Robert and Katie were wonderful. If you're looking for a snorkel trip on Maui, I can't recommend it enough!

Laguna Beach, CA

Both my wife and I were first time snorkellers, and we felt entirely comfortable. The staff made the entire experience wonderful and non-confrontational. The turtles, fish and reefs didn't hurt as well!

Karl E
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Maui Magic was incredible. From the time you step on the boat until you step off you are like family.

From Trip Advisor

We did the SNUBA with Haiku Willie. He was an amazing SNUBA instructor and I felt safe at all times. It's an extra cost but well worth it. Bob and Taylor were awesome crew members that doted on us the entire time. The Captain has had her certification for 17 years and is soooo knowledgeable about the island. The tour was so much fun and we saw dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, and so much more! Thanks to the Maui Magic for a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Lauren H
Louisville, KY

My husband and I have been on Maui Magic 4 times in our past 3 visits to Maui. Every time we visit Maui it is the most fun/exciting/memorable excursion we go on. The crew is so friendly, fun and helpful! Every time we have seen something different. Dolphins, whales, sea turtles... such an amazing experience!

Leslie L
Dallas, TX

It was just amazing! The captain and crew were very friendly and nice! The BBQ was delicious and snorkeling was very exciting.

Mimi Yu
From Trip Advisor

Wow! This was the most fun day of our vacation! The crew was great! The burgers were delicious! It might have been one of the best things I've eaten on Maui.

Mina L.
San Francisco, CA

It was great! Two amazing snorkel stops and a friendly crew.

Robert M.
New York, NY

There are hardly words to describe the incredible experience that my family and I had aboard the Maui Magic. "Woohoo! As good as it gets!" is an understatement.

Sara C.
Walnut Creek, CA

We had the best time on this snorkeling excursion. The crew was terrific, friendly, and knowledgeable. The trip itself was one part sightseeing the coastline and two parts snorkeling.

S. Marcy
New York, NY

The crew is friendly and take care of everything. Great snorkeling – they also took us to a spot to swim with green turtles. Thanks for this great experience!

Montreal, CA

We LOVED the day on the Maui Magic for snorkeling and Snuba! The crew is so friendly and accomodating and the food is extra plentiful with something available to eat all day.

"Sunny Girl"
The Woodlands, TX

I can't recommend it enough. Snuba, Maui Magic, the whole enchilada. There are so many excursions to chose from. Maui Magic won't disappoint.

Taylor S.
San Jose, CA

The best boat crew on the island. I always take a snorkeling trip with this boat when I am visiting Maui. I'm never disappointed!

Tracy L.
Daly City, California

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun half day adventure. Good fun. Good food. Good people.

Trip Advisor
Virginia Beach, VA

It is highly recommended to enjoy with family and friends, all will have a fantastic time.

Trip Advisor
Santiago, Chile

The experience in Maui magic is truly one to remember. But what caps it off is the great crew of this boat who go the extra step to make sure you are comfortable.

From Trip Advisor