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Taylor Crewmember

No doubt about it, Taylor is going to make you laugh! Whether she’s telling a joke or just recounting something that she did or heard, you’re going to get a chuckle! Happy-go-lucky, Taylor takes everything in stride. A true fish, she adores playing in and working on the water. Serving as First Mate and Crew aboard the Four Winds II, she is also now working as Crew on the Maui Magic 3 days a week. If you’ve seen our Four Winds Maui website, she’s the “Miss Hollywood” girl in the dark glasses leaning against the cabin of the boat. While not working on one of our boats, she likes to hone her surfing skills, aiming to get good enough to go up against the big boys! Before coming to work for Maui Classic Charters 4 years ago, she had been leading kayak tours in the La Jolla Marine Preserve in southern California. The ocean is truly a way of life for Taylor!

If you have been aboard the Maui Magic and Taylor made your adventure special, and you would like to do something nice for her... We encourage you to leave a special shout-out on TripAdvisor. She would certainly be thrilled to have your accolades and we would deeply appreciate you recognizing her for a job well-done.

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