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Smilin’ Bob First Mate

Smilin’ Bob is just that……..always smiling! He’s been smiling and helping out passengers as First Mate, originally aboard the Lavengro and now exclusively on the Maui Magic for the past 15 years. He’s a pro at making everyone feel relaxed and at ease. Mind you, Smilin’ Bob does take his duties very seriously, especially when running the “Kawabunga Splash” off the water slide! A world traveler and adventurer, Bob is quite the consummate photographer and wordsmith, resulting in his beautiful book, “Seeds of Awareness, A Journey towards Self Realization”, published in 2003. And, as if Smilin’ Bob didn’t get enough time on the water aboard the Maui Magic, he is an avid swimmer, doing two mile swims, five days a week, when he’s not at work. Now that is a SERIOUS waterman!

If you have been aboard the Maui Magic and Smilin’ Bob made your adventure special, and you would like to do something nice for him... We encourage you to leave a special shout-out on TripAdvisor. He would certainly be thrilled to have your accolades and we would deeply appreciate you recognizing him for a job well-done.

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