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Panoramic Views Aboard Maui Magic!

Panoramic Views of Pu‘u Olai Cinder Cone

Often called "Red Hill", because of the redish-color of the dirt that covers this volcanic cinder cone. Located on Maui's Southern-end, this cinder cone formed when the last eruption of Maui's famed mountain "Haleakala" occurred. In the panoramic view you will see Molokini to the left in the distance and the long stretch of sand to the right is the famed Big Beach of Makena.


Panoramic of the South Maui Resorts

Viewing Maui, from the ocean, gives you a truly different and unique perspective on the island. In this panoramic view you can see from Sugar Beach and all of Kihei to Wailea.


Panoramic of Makena to Molokini

Sweeping vistas aboard the Maui Magic are just some of what makes our trip incredible. In this panoramic view you will see Makena and Red Hill all the way out to Molokini and beyond.


Panoramic of the Kanaio Coast

Passing La Perouse Bay the Maui Magic's unique design gives her the ability to cruise the Kanaio Coast and treats lucky passengers to an awesome spectacle of the power of nature and the rugged lava formations that provide a glimpse back into Maui's volcanic beginnings.