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Other than dolphins and turtles, what other marine life will I typically see?

Wow, well that is a long list of amazing marine creatures you have the chance to see! On any given snorkel you can see dozens of different types of marine life! On most any day you have the chance to see Parrotfish, ButterflyfishWrasses, Black Triggerfish (also known as Black Durgon), SurgeonfishUnicornfish, Goatfish, Tangs, Pencil Urchins, and more!

Just remember that the longer you snorkel... The more you will see!

Another type of marine creature, people often forget is alive, is coral. The amount of corals vary in density and population depending on the location we snorkel at. While Hawaii does not have the highly colorful soft corals like the South Pacific does, you can typically see Antler Coral, Lace Coral, and a variety of Cauliflower Corals when you snorkel. Hawaii is actually home to two types of unique Cauliflower Corals that are endemic only to our waters.

Corals may grow as little as 1/4 inch per year and are prone to damage by anchors, swimmers, and divers. So please remember not to touch or step on live coral. Their delicate structure may be injured  and then allow infection or algae to take hold, weakening and potentially killing the entire colony. Since December 1998 it is illegal, in Hawaii, to collect live corals at any time without a scientific collecting permit.

So remember, when it comes to the marine life... Enjoy them without causing damage. Take pictures and take home memories and not marine life.

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