From today until February 1st, Maui Magic is currently in Dry Dock. CLICK HERE  for info.

Maui Magic - Maui’s Adventure Boat

Maui Magic’s Specifications

Style: Custom Power Catamaran
Boat Designer: Morrelli & Melvin of San Diego
Boat Builder: Kvichak Marine Industries, Inc. - Seattle, WA
Construction: 100% Marine-Grade Aluminum

Measurements:  54ft. Long, 17ft. Beam and a 4.5ft. Draft
Added Features: Features An Upper Deck, Double Swim-Steps, Waterslide, Marine Head (Toilet), Multi-Speaker Sound System, Covered Galley & Tiki Bar, BBQ Grill, USCG Safety Devices, Satellite Beacon, Depth Finder. The Maui Magic Is Also Equipped With A Unique Wave-Splitter For Slicing Through The Waves.
Safety and Technology: USCG Safety Floatation Devices, Radar, Satellite Beacon, Depth Finder, Marine-Band and Cellular Communications.

Speeds: A cruising speed of 15 knots (about 18 mph).
Power: Twin Cummings 435 horse power engines driving 28 inch bronze propellers through ZF IRM 305A marine gears.
Capacity: The Maui Magic is US Coast Guard approved for 64 passengers, but we take no more than 45 to ensure maximum comfort.

Designed for Adventure Snorkeling

Maui Magic was designed specially to be able to traverse a wide variety of ocean conditions so that she can get to harder to reach spots and some of Maui's best sights and snorkeling.  She offers something for most ages and the Maui Magic can be enjoyed both by swimmers and non-swimmers alike. For those that don't feel like snorkeling, you can slide down our waterslide or soak up the sun on our two spacious-decks.  But, when it comes to snorkeling, the Maui Magic has everything you could ever wish for!

The Best Crew On Maui!

But it is the Maui Magic's crew, and their true "spirit of aloha", that really make her come to life and shine!  We pride ourselves having the best crew on Maui!  In fact, the crew of the Maui Magic remains the same year-after-year.  Some of the Magic's crew have been with her for over 18 years!  Simply-put, they love what they do and they love the boat they work on.  Each crew member is well-trained in water safety, and are very knowledgeable with marine life, facts about the island and sailing in Hawaiian waters as well.  

Although the Maui Magic is typically the boat for adventure-seekers, our crew is extremely skilled with accommodating a variety of ages.  The Maui Magic limits the number of passengers which allows the crew to really provide an excellent level of one-on-one service to each and every person.

One thing for sure, our crew is dedicated to provide everyone onboard with lots of fun and a truly unique HAWAIIAN OCEAN ADVENTURE!