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Katie First Mate

The quintessential Midwesterner from Wisconsin (i.e., a very down-to- earth, honest and stalwart being that you can always count on), Katie is easy to spot, being a 6’ 1” tall, strawberry blond with model-like good looks! Katie plays a dual role for Maui Classic Charters, serving as First Mate aboard the Maui Magic two days a week and handling reservations at the corporate office for another three days in our customer service department. Perhaps when you are booking your reservation with us, you’ll be speaking with her on the phone and finding out for yourself just what a very special person she is.

Katie is known on the boat for getting along famously with the youngsters. She has quite the fan club with the younger crowd and they keep coming out, year after year, wanting to know which days Katie will be working (normally Wednesdays & Thursdays). Katie takes great pride in getting some of our more timid passengers (who swear they won’t even get into the water) into the water, snorkeling like pros, and having the time of their lives. We have been thrilled to have Katie, as part of the Maui Classic Charter's "ohana", for the past 8 years.

If you have been aboard the Maui Magic and Katie made your adventure special, and you would like to do something nice for her... We encourage you to leave a special shout-out on TripAdvisor. She would certainly be thrilled to have your accolades and we would deeply appreciate you recognizing her for a job well-done.

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