From today until February 1st, Maui Magic is currently in Dry Dock. CLICK HERE  for info.

Is Maui Magic like an ocean rafting trip?

Maui Magic is better than any ocean raft! Why? Well, there are many reasons. While we provide the same thrills and adventurous locations like the ocean rafts, we also have many more amenities than any rafting company can offer you. None of the ocean rafts have a bathroom onboard – or a "marine head" as they are called. (YIKES!) Also ocean rafting trips are not equipped to cook a hot meal onboard and typically only offer a "deli-style lunch". Finally, space (or places to stretch-out) are very limited on any ocean raft. Aboard the Maui Magic we offer both an upper and lower deck, a hot BBQ lunch that is cooked aboard our charcoal grill (YUMMY!), and plenty of room to walk about, stretch-out and enjoy the sun and more! These are just a few reasons why the Maui Magic is truly a better experience than any ocean rafting trip on Maui.

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