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Inside The Crater Molokini

Inside the Crescent of Molokini Crater...

Wow & Wow, Again

Molokini has the most amazing water. There should be a crayon called “Molokini Blue”. The color of the water here is just an amazing shade of blue as you look down from the boat. And once you start snorkeling inside the crater, you won’t believe the clarity of the water. It’s like swimming inside an aquarium!

The closer that you snorkel towards the inside rim of the crater, the more fish you will see. Most of them like to hang out in the shallower water and they aren’t afraid of people either, so grab your underwater camera and get some pictures of these colorful creatures.

Location, Location, Location

Maui Magic is lucky to have one of the best mooring spots in the crater, next to some of the more fish populated reefs. While there may not be as many fish at Molokini as there used to be, there is an exceptionally wide variety of species found here. Again, the crystalline clarity of the water here makes for fabulous photographs of the underwater sea life. If you’ve brought a digital underwater camera with you, this is the place to use it!

Rainbow Hued Creatures

Nobody can ever forget the sight of their first Parrotfish, with its kaleidoscopic coloring and big fused teeth. A large, full grown Parrotfish uses those big teeth to scrape the algae off the coral with the end result (literally) of producing up to 5,000 pounds of coral sand a year! The fish most commonly seen here are the Black Triggerfish, Yellow Tang, Moorish Idol, and Raccoon Butterfly Fish. Because of the constant exposure to humans, and the long history as a conservation area, the fish of Molokini are extremely comfortable with the presence of snorkelers and divers. One of the most dramatic, large fishes that one sees at Molokini, it the Bluefin Trevally (in Hawaii called Blue Ulua) with it’s almost neon markings.

Look Carefully

The slower you snorkel, the more you will see. Don’t be afraid to just hover over a particular area of the reef. You are apt to see much more while you are being still and just floating quietly in the water. If you’re lucky you might be able to see an eel gliding underwater, looking for a new hiding spot, or an octopus, which camouflages itself so well they are almost impossible to spot!