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Demetrius SNUBA Instructor

Demetrius was born and raised on the island of Maui and grew up “half-fish” as a result of playing so much in the water. He is an avid waterman, a certified dive instructor and also enjoys free-diving and spear fishing. Demetrius has even captained for a dive boat in the past! But currently, and happily for us, he is working as a SNUBA instructor aboard the Maui Magic. Always very patient with those just trying SNUBA for the first time, Demetrius instills confidence and a new found joy of the underwater world in all of his students.

If you have been aboard the Maui Magic and your SNUBA instructor, Demetrius, made your adventure special, and you would like to do something nice for him... We encourage you to leave a special shout-out on TripAdvisor. He would certainly be thrilled to have your accolades and we would deeply appreciate you recognizing him for a job well-done.

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