From today until February 1st, Maui Magic is currently in Dry Dock. CLICK HERE  for info.

Captain Brennan Our Can-Do-Guy

Hailing originally from Canada and then Arizona, Brennan has been with us for the past 18 years. He serves as Captain and or as a First Mate on both of our boats, the Maui Magic and the Four Winds II. Known by Maui Classic Charters as our “Can Do” guy, Brennan is responsible for keeping our boats in tip-top shape (and anyone who has ever owned a boat can attest as to what a never ending task this is)! Now living upcountry, his home life (when he’s not busy maintaining two rather large boats) is consumed with storing spare boat parts and herding a large, but unruly group of chickens at his homestead in Maui's cowboy town of Makawao.

If you have been aboard the Maui Magic and Captain Brennan made your adventure special, and you would like to do something nice for him... We encourage you to leave a special shout-out on TripAdvisor. He would certainly be thrilled to have your accolades and we would deeply appreciate you recognizing him for a job well-done.

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