From today until February 1st, Maui Magic is currently in Dry Dock. CLICK HERE  for info.

Are Wheelchairs okay?

On the Maui Magic we can not accommodate guests with wheelchairs due to our dock/loading space that the harbor assigned us. However, we have accommodated wheelchairs when the boat is privately chartered. On our daily trip we are limited to space (due to the passenger count) and use of our slip. But when the boat is privately chartered it can have less people aboard and we can also use another dock facility that can be easier to load a wheel chair onboard.

Another daily option for people with a wheelchair is, our sister ship. The Four Winds II can accommodate wheelchairs on a daily basis. And they do this with great success too! The Four Winds II is a much larger vessel than the Maui Magic and also has a totally different slip configuration. The Four WInds II has an actual dock that makes loading a wheelchair possible. Please keep in mind that the individual, who requires the wheelchair, will initially need to be carried up a couple of stairs, or walk up on their own, in order to get onboard. Once onboard the wheelchair can be used.

Please provide us with some notice and our crew can definitely assist you in all of your needs with getting both the person and their wheelchair onboard.

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